Passion Behind the Art with Stan Bicknell

1. When did you fall in love with music(what age and the story of how it happened)?

It was when The Simpsons album ‘Sing the Blues’ came out. I was 6yrs old. I would pretend to play sax like Lisa and Bleeding Gums Murphy and I learnt all the lyrics to ‘Do the Bartman’ and ‘Deep Deep Trouble’. I loved that album! And although I’m a drummer now I actually started the guitar 2yrs earlier. My favourite moments in music are melody driven and I really loved the feeling of recreating melody from songs I liked.

2. When someone hears your music what do you want them to feel?

As a listener you feel good pocket and groove in the soul, and it makes you happy. That’s what I want, I want people to feel good, and it to get them in their soul.

3. Who was that person(s) that believed in you the most?

My mum and stepdad were always very encouraging as a young drummer. I feel any parents that not only encourage but tolerate those beginner years is pretty amazing! Drums are not an easy listen but I would play an hour or two after school most days and as I was self-taught I imagine it wasn’t great!


4. What was the greatest struggle you had to overcome?

My own moments of self-doubt. Like everyone I suppose. Conquering your own mind is key. It’s about knowing who you are as a player and owning it.

5. What advice would you give to other musicians?

Be proud of what you can do and practice what you can’t.


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