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7 Biblical lessons for growing in your marriage.

1. Where you build your home and what you build your home on matters

  • Matt 7:34

  • Be a doer of the word of God

  • Foundation should be on Lord

2. Guard your fidelity with vigilance

  • Matt 5:29

  • Don’t play with fire 🔥 you will get burned

  • Voice the need that isn’t being met

3. Correct each other with humility

  • Matt 7:3-5

  • Focus on my own issues

  • You might right

4. Don’t murder each other

5. Delight to forgive each other

  • Matt 5:7

6. Cover your marriage in prayer

  • Matt 7:7

  • Be strong where their work

  • Prayer bonds your heart together

  • Don’t miss the opportunity

  • Couple God’s word with your prayer

7. Seek God before your spouse

  • What if marriage was meant to be Holy, not happy

  • Eph. 5:32-33

**You can’t drift into a great marriage**


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