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Gifting | Marriage & Family Growth

What I got from my Marriage and Family Growth small group I'm apart of.

1. Give with purpose

  • Matt. 2:1-11

    • Gifts of gold: gift for royalty, bartering and buy resources.

    • Gifts of frankincense: use to

    • Gifts of myrrh: medicinal uses, healing qualities

  • Ways to give

    • Time

    • Talent

    • Treasure

2. Give more of your Spiritual Gifts

  • Romans 12:6-8

  • Book: Giving all the way

  • Mark Twain “The day you are born and the day you find out why,”

3. Give all that you have

  • Mark 12:41-44

    • I think that’s exactly what this weather did. She gave everything that she had she had to gain all the things they trust all that so that’s fine for us with all of us in the room give all that you have Do you need to get first.

  • Book: The principle of the past


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